0 (52 of 70)0 (58 of 70) 0 (68 of 70)0 (59 of 70) 0 (49 of 70)0 (44 of 70) 0 (47 of 70) Checkered Out Tunic c/o Tobi/Scarf H&M/Clutch Dailylook/’Gabi’ Mule Topshop 

Yesterday I played my first game of checkers, and not to my surprise, I lost. Horribly, if I may add!

I mean, checkers is a strategical game yet fairly simple in comparison to that of Chess, but obviously not so in my case I guess. But why did I suffer such a terrible loss? I simply just think too much! I would take about 2 minutes just to make my next move because I would try to anticipate all possible moves for each piece. You can imagine how long that game lasted, haha.

That single moment got me thinking about how I “play” and “make moves” in my everyday life. I plan, plan, plan and hate it when things just don’t fall in place accordingly. I’m that person who lists out all the pros and cons before making any sudden life changes. I don’t take risks for fear of making rash decisions, but how do I even know how “rash” these decisions are if they’re given no chance to be made?

I don’t usually make resolutions, but here’s one that I intend to keep: take more chances and “play from the heart,” as my friends would jokingly yell out during that game of checkers. Graduation is a couple months away and I can already feel the anxiety of not knowing what comes next, but all in all I’m okay with that! Here’s to making new risks. Here’s to fear I’ll be feeling within the next couple months, and basking in all it’s glory. “New Year, new me,” as everyone says. Wish me luck.

Another huge thanks to Tobi for gifting me this piece. I’ve been living in all it’s oversized glory and I’m not ashamed to admit that! As always, check out Tobi for all your fashion needs, and don’t forget to sign up to receive 50% off your first order.

xoxo Eda

Photography by Jude Semana

Mix Tape

0 (26 of 70)0 (35 of 70)0 (28 of 70) 0 (24 of 70)0 (6 of 70) 0 (9 of 70) 0 (17 of 70)Trouble Seeker Dress c/o Tobi/Vest Forever 21/Shoes Tobi/Sunnies Crossroads 

Music has always been my strongest influence in life. It impacts my general mood, keeps me alive during my daily commute, influences my style, and takes over my entire wardrobe. What I love most about music is it’s power to take you into some other transcendent, other-worldly place. With the “new year, new me” affirmation in mind, I decided to try something a little different and make this post more personal so that you all get a sense of who I am (music-wise). Here are some tunes that take me into that special place featuring new sounds I’ve recently stumbled upon, and old tunes I’ve been rocking to since Day 1.

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor

Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance 

Banks – Warm Water 

Flume – Sleepless

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees 

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure

Arctic Monkeys – Mad Sounds

Alt-J – Lovely Day 

No particular order; these are just a few of my favorites I’ve been playing repeatedly since the year has started. I think I’ll be posting more of these little “mix tapes” as the year progresses. Shout out to Tobi for supplying me with the flyest threads yet again! I’m such a fan of this dress because 1) gingham print is awesome, and 2) the extra “sleeves” that tie around the waist are so quirky, yet nifty. It’s like 90s grunge, but with a modern twist! Shop the site for the dress and much more:

xoxo Eda

Photos by Jude Semana 


Styling Stripes + Denim

0 (70 of 88) 0 (60 of 88)Top c/o Calico/Denim Jacket Levis/Bottoms Topshop/Shoes Forever 21

I live for the mild winters of California. The type of winter where skirts paired with thigh highs are perfectly acceptable to wear in 50-60 degree weather. On another note, stripes and denim are my ultimate go-to outfit when I want look slick and chic, but don’t want to put too much thought into what I’m wearing. Here I style my favorite two-way combo two different ways. I want to hear how you guys rock your stripe and denim combos as well. ENJOY!

xoxo Eda

Damsel In Distress

0 (6 of 88)0 (24 of 88)0 (28 of 88)0 (32 of 88)0 (8 of 88) 0 (17 of 88)0 (46 of 88) 0 (20 of 88)Top c/o Calico/Denim Jacket Thrifted/Bottoms Forever 21/Shoes Adidas

Call me your typical modern day damsel in distress; damsel in distressed denim that is. Black and white stripes are simply timeless and classic, and what I love most about this tee is the side split feature that makes it so effortlessly cool. It’s 10 times more than your basic striped tee, and I find myself mindlessly throwing it on everyday just because it’s so damn comfy and goes with almost everything.  The tee also hangs extra low giving it that loose, lazy chic look that I always gravitate towards to. Paired with my favorite denim ensemble, The tee goes from cozy to casual with a hint of grunge. A big thank you to Calico for gifting me with this piece. I love how basic stripes can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. “I own too many basic tees,” was said by no one. 

xoxo Eda

Photography by Jude Semana

On The Prowl

0000 (78 of 78) 0000 (71 of 78) 0000 (59 of 78) 0000 (57 of 78) 0000 (55 of 78) 0000 (56 of 78) Jacket & Dress Urban Outfitters/Necklace Topshop/Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Shout out to all the showstoppers stomping ground on NYE! Hoping that everyone had a New Years that was anything but boring. Besides the usual “exercise more” resolution everyone makes at the beginning of the year,  one of my resolutions is to “go big or go home,” regarding this blog of course. 2014 was a crazy whirlwind of new experiences for me. From travelling to New York for Fashion Week to completing my first year of blogging, 2014 brought me so many opportunities I never would’ve thought I’d experience in a lifetime. I have so much in store for Luxe & Linen, I cannot wait to finally put my plans into action. A huge Thank You to my friends, family, and my lovely readers for going on this ride with me. I’m so blessed to go into the new year because I know 2015 is gonna be a blast!

xoxo Eda

Photography by Jude Semana 

Mirror, Mirror

0000 (36 of 78) 0000 (39 of 78) 0000 (42 of 78) 0000 (47 of 78)0000 (50 of 78) 0000 (54 of 78)0000 (51 of 78) Jacket H&M/Top Topshop/Bottoms Urban Outfitters/Shoes Cathy Jean 

What’s a New Years outfit without a Black on Black option? The beading and mirror detail in this bustier are absolutely amazing! This top packs enough punch for the occasion, but paired with culottes, it goes from loud statement back to modern and contemporary. And of course, no black outfit of mine is completed without a black leather jacket. What color will you be rocking this NYE?

xoxo Eda

Photography by Jude Semana

New Years Eve Outfits

New Years Eve is just around the corner and with time running out, you don’t want to be caught in anything less than stellar. Luckily, I’ve got you covered with three different options for any type of occasion. Let me know which one is your favorite.

xoxo Eda