1, 2, 3, Tunics! | feat. Calico

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetYou know me; I have an ongoing love affair with over-sized anything, and this tunic top from Calico is definitely no exception. Only one word comes to mind when describing this piece: versatility, and this baby has got all of it! Tie a knot, tuck it in, wear it like a dress. The possibilities are endless easily making it a wardrobe essential in any woman’s closet.
1) Wear it Loose 
Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Shoes & Choker Forever 21
“Oversized, and out of mind” as I like to say. I’m extremely fun-sized and there are only a few times in life that I’ll happily admit that. This is one of them! It’s perfect to just chuck on and call it a day. I’m super blessed that it hits me just right before the knees so that I can wear it as a dress. Pile on the accessories, throw on the heels, and instantly take this outfit from lazy to sassy + classy.
2) Tuck it In 
Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetBoyfriend Jeans Forever 21/Shoes Zara/Hat Urban Outfitters/Backpack KTZ
I’m all about incorporating texture into outfits, and simply tucking in your tunic creates the coolest draping details to add just that. I’m personally a huge fan of the “half-tuck” look because high-low oversized tops are kind of my thing now. I paired the top with some distressed boyfriend jeans because I love me a good baggy tomboyish look, and adding a pair of statement heels helps to feminize the overall sporty/masculine outfit.
3) Tie a Knot 
Processed with VSCOcam with n1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with n1 preset Skirt Forever 21/Shoes Topshop/Bag Minty Jungle
All ’90s babies rejoice because were bringing the ’90s knot back! If tucking in your tops aren’t your thing, then knotting them up is your next best option. Again, you bring the texture and draping factor back into play, but knotting them up is 10x funkier.

If you’re crazy about the tunic as much as I am, shop it here: http://www.shopcalico.com/products/bamboo-scoop-tunic-black

Netflix For Jewelry

DSC00022“Accessories make the outfit,” says every fashionista in the world, and they’re absolutely correct! That’s why I was super excited when Rocksbox reached out to me about trying out their products. I love incorporating a good amount of sparkle and shine, but I’m totally guilty of not investing in good jewelry pieces and including them within my outfits.
IMG_6553 DSC00007But the power of jewelry is amazing! It’s a powerful statement that easily dresses up an outfit up and down. And why stop with one? Step up your layer game and pile on the jewels; talk about layer-game on fleek! My rocksbox pieces, along with some other knick-knacks I found laying around, brought my drabby grey tunic back to new life. Together, they definitely gave me that boho-edge look I’m such a huge fan of. DSC00029DSC00033DSC00026 DSC00016DSC00035 DSC00045DSC00048 DSC00052Rocksbox/Gorjana/Forever 21/Nordstrom/Topshop 

I’m all about that custom-sh*t, and Rocksbox specially curates fashion jewelry just for you. For your own box of jewels to die for, sign up with Rocksbox and get your first month free. Don’t forget to use my code LUXEANDLINENXOXO to get that special discount off your first month!




With a Little Bit of Pop Cult

IMG_4630Fun fact: I’ve never, ever owned anything purple. While shopping the Tobi site, to my surprise it was like love at first site when I saw this little tulle number. Why? I have no freaking idea, haha! I mean purple isn’t a color I usually covet, and tulle, though I have a massive appreciation for it, isn’t really something I gravitate to either. But then I remembered my new years resolutions: 1) to cut out the “I wore it like this, then I wore it like that” crap and make this blog more personable, and 2) get out of my comfort zone. Yes people, you can say this dress was my first challenge to tackle for the new year.IMG_4553 IMG_4574 IMG_4629Another Fun Fact: If I could go back in time to any decade, I’d travel back to the 80s. I mean c’mon, Pretty in Pink, the sound of electronic synths, listening to classic Madonna, when MTV actually started airing music television. It wasn’t that bad! The 80s gets too much of a bad rap for being the most ridiculous decade ever, when in fact I believe it to be the most innovative, the most culturally differentiated among the rest of the century.IMG_4631 IMG_4661 IMG_4668 IMG_4713 Bettheny Dress c/o Tobi/Jacket H&M/Sunglasses Crossroads Trading Co./Shoes Doc Martens/Lipstick Limecrime Black Velvet  

Fun fact #3, since I guess I’m dishing them all out right here: As you know, most people in high school have their goth phase, punk phase, scene phase, when in fact I had my 80s phase.  You’d find me in oversized vintage sweaters, headbands, leggings in every color of the rainbow, not to mention teased hair that was so big, you’d think there was a bird’s nest living in there. So much to the point where it looked like I stepped off an Olivia Newton John “Let’s get Physical” music video. I believe now is the time you’re asking me why I did it, what was I thinking? I was thinking that it was me, raw and uneditted. I suppose it was my sort of rebellion against what I thought to be the norm. In all honesty, I was still trying to find myself, my own sense of confidence, my own sense of personal style, but dressing the way that I did in high school was a way I could showcase who I currently was at the time without any real explanation. “Did anyone ever judge or made fun of the way you looked?” HELL FUCKING YES, and don’t even get me started on the dirty stares, but I guess that goes hand in hand with the deviation of norms. In the end, I took those dirty stares, and shoved them right up my a*s, just kidding! I embraced what it was, and even took that new found level of confidence into my later years. It left me open to try new things, new trends, and new styles. I don’t regret any of it.

Side story aside, I took that tulle dress and went back in time to my happy place. Using inspiration from my favorite classic coming of age flicks and with little bit of pop cult, I made this outfit something more reminiscent of my high school self, my more confident self, my more “out of comfort” self. A huge shout out to Tobi for once again setting me up with the flyest threads. I never thought that one little dress could give me that sense of confidence back. Expect more “Fun Facts” in the future.

xoxo Eda

Valentine’s Day Outfits

Whether you’re snuggling up or going out on the town this Valentines Day, I’ve got you covered with three different day to night  looks perfect for any occasion. Enjoy!

xoxo Eda

Warsaw, Vienna #OOTD

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s3 presetIMG_8303Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a8 preset Sweater H&M/Skirt Forever 21/Shoes Topshop

Here’s a quirky, yet comfortable #OOTD I forgot to post a few weeks ago. I’ve been heavily obsessed with incorporating shades of blue into my closet, such as this pretty sky hue sweater my mom copped for me for Christmas (Thanks, Mom!) My other latest obsession: midi skirts. Yes, they’re not new, but along with my love for oversize everything, playing with lengths whether to the floor or knee length are kinda my thing now. I work in retail and I hear so many ladies say, “I’m too short, thus I can’t wear long shirts, long tops, long coats, etc.” No ladies, that’s not the issue! Style Tip: longer lengths actually help make the body look lean and elongated. I’m pretty “fun-sized” myself for lack of better words, so don’t be afraid to play and experiment with them. You just might end up expanding your style and your wardrobe will be thanking you for this.

xoxo Eda

Ways to Wear Plaid

Plaid Is one of my all-time favorite go-tos to rock especially during the Winter months, so I thought I’d show you guys how I style some of my plaid favorites 3 different ways. Let me know how guys rock your plaid as well!

Sausalito, CA


Top Marshalls/Dress Forever 21/Hat H&M/Shoes Zara/Backpack Thrifted/Sunglasses Crossroads Trading Co.

I was so glad to finally go out and venture the city with one of my most favorite people in the world, Becca. She goes to school all the way on the east coast, so we’d been planning some type of day trip for a quite a while now. We decided to explore Sausalito because 1) we’d been living in the Bay Area our whole lives and had no idea what it had to offer 2) we were looking on Yelp and the food just looked really, really good, okay! (lol) I was loving the greenery, the view by the water, and whole small but fancy hometown vibe, plus the seafood is definitely on point. Then again, it’s the San Francisco Bay; all of our seafood is definitely on point! Not pictured: The Black Sesame Boba we had while venturing into the city because I’m a Black Sesame freak, and the Bibimbap and sake we had for dinner at a local Korean joint we found down the street. I was too hammered to take a decent picture of course, whoops. I can’t wait till Becca comes home again because there’ll definitely be more adventures to come.

Photography by Becca Wong